Sunday, 21 December 2008

Ruby and Merris, one minute its all cuddles then minutes later its all play, what a great life!

Les, carol annes better half, very dapper in his red waistcoat, lookin good Les

Jane and Carol Anne strutting their stuff round the dance floor, well done

you two.

Jane and her partner David who I might add did not do any dancing tut tut maybe next year he will try the "strictly"!!

They were'nt all mine honest!!!

Carol Anne and Jackie caught checking out the talent!!!!!

Xmas night out

We recently went for our xmas night out and went to The Racecourse for one of their party nights, there were about 15 of us and what a great night we had. The meal was terrific and also the entertainment. We managed to indulge ourselves at the chocolate fountain!! then had a go at the roulette tables where I won a meal for two, and of course we had to try out the cocktail bar but as I did not have my glasses on(not cool to wear on a night out) I had'nt got a clue what I was drinking except it was very nice this is a photo of my sister and I, Jane is on the right.

dog tired!!

Merry Crimbo from milo

Thursday, 13 November 2008

Merris is actually my sisters dog but she comes over quite often for "Doggy Day Care" when Jane is working. She is a super dog, having never been in contact with Pugs before I would highly reccommend them, such characters

She does'nt like her photo being taken, shame because she is such a pretty wee dog

Ruby is our other Frenchie quite a timid dog who has a tendancy to scream when she meets another dog(we are working on that one). We tried her in the show ring but very short lived as her body would not stop growing and ended up too long, she is very sweet though.

And this is Milo asking to get back in!!!!

Milo waiting to go out the back door, he batters the cat flap to let us know

Milo is a cheeky 3 year old French Bulldog but always up for a cuddle when he is not getting up to mischief. He was our first "Frenchie", which we showed for a short time. He did quite well in his first year but quickly went downhill from then on so we retired him early!!!

This is one of her favourite positions


This is my oldest dog Maisie who is an adorable 8 year old Boxer.