Thursday, 26 March 2009

Homeward bound

Out walking the dogs one evening around dusk. Looks like Darvel is on fire.

This pair did'nt make it to Cruft's but I thought they deserved a wee mention. This is Dudley and Rosie (best buddies). They are Carol Anne's dogs who we go out walking with every week. But Dudley's sister did make it to Crufts.

I hope you have enjoyed sharing my experience at Crufts we certainly had a great time, one thing though.......if you are going please do not book through "Loves Travels" sorry Les box of tissues on its way!!!!!!!

How cute is this Wired Haired Viszla another breed I really like

I do like the Pointers, Maybe one day

Well it just had to be done!!!!

Wow this I liked a Party Poodle

What do you think of this one a standard Mexican Hairless, an aquired taste me thinks although Carol Anne fell in love with her

The rest of our time seem to go without any other faux pas and we had a great time, and got on very well. here are a few photos taken, this one being the oddest, this stand was at the discover dogs and it was promoting the native breeds to britain.

Day 2 at Crufts

Well we survived our first day even though there were minor hiccups!!!.

Next day after a lovely breakfast given to us by Jill our host at the B&B we endevoured to order a taxi to take us back up to NEC, and low and behold if it was'nt the same driver as yesterday, so we had to take a photo. The journey takes about 10 to 15 mins depending on traffic, we were just about to get dropped off at the front of the NEC when I asked Carol Anne if she had the tickets ready, so we could just walk straight in, only to be looked at with a big blank stare, (oh no here we go again!). By this time the taxi man had turned around and we were on our way back to the B&B to pick up the tickets, what a nice man we were getting to know him quite well as we seemed to be spending quite alot of time in TAXI'S.

Monday, 16 March 2009

Crufts 2009

Well it was that time of year again when the mass migration of dogs and owners make ther way to the NEC at Birmingham for "The greatest dog show in the world" ( that was what the commentator kept saying in the arena).

This year I went with my good friend Carol Anne, who, like me does'nt show anymore but just enjoys the time spent there. We decided to be gluttons and attend all 4 days arranged by

"Love's Travels" (who is actually Carol Annes husband!!)

Day one....Thurs 5th March .....armed with all our carefully calculated money bags for B&B,taxi's,food etc we headed out to Glasgow airport to fly down to Birmingham.Booked in and headed to the departure lounge, going through security Carol Anne was stopped and had the full once over,having recovered from that she then informed us we had better get a move on as they will be calling us over the tannoy soon, so as we frog marched to what seemed like the other side of scotland we arrived at our gate and as not alot of people were there I then checked the time only to see we had another HOUR.(hmmm)

Flight was very quick just under an hour, we then headed over to the taxi office to book our taxi to the B&B, the idea being, to drop off our suitcase and proceed to the NEC, which carol anne had already informed me that it would probably be about £10 as she had already done the same journey last year.

Nice man at the taxi office, gave him the address he then quoted us £77 WHAT says us, the look on our faces must have taken him aback as he then asked us if we knew we were actually in East Midlands Airport which we found out is more Nottingham than Birmingham. (!$.:*)

Thursday, 12 March 2009

I have been very "BLOG" lazy this year as I have been busy in other projects but I have made a promise to myself that I must make more effort. One thing that has been taking up my time is going to college and trying to learn about digital photography which is finished now, it was just a short course (an introduction), did I learn anything? thats the sixty million dollar question, I think it will take a long time yet, and alot more practice.

Anyway here is a first attempt of Milo looking dreamy!!!!