Wednesday, 7 January 2009

Cruinn, a special girl

Unfortunately in between Christmas and New year, Carol Anne, who I go out walking with lost Cruinn to liver cancer.
This photo was taken on a day trip to Arran. Cruinn is on the left of the photo beside Carol Anne who is kneeling down

Every Sunday morning we meander around Eglington Park for about 2-3 hours with all our "hounds" usually about six of them depending on who is visiting at the time. Cruinn is on the left of this picture and Dudley on the right and Shadow in the background and I dont mean mine!
We had some good walks and she will be sorely missed x

Two grumpy old men!!

This is the life, believe it or not they were watching Garfield the movie which is why I grabbed the camera.

I wish she had never bought that $~#@@& camera

Hectors litter tray is in our bathroom as he is too lazy to go out I don't think he is too pleased I caught him in the act!!!

Little and Large!!

Robbie and David enjoying an after Christmas dinner slob out

Sarah and her Papa

Dad having a good time

Looking at this picture I now think we should have put something in Dad's new glass. Still he had a wee one later on. Cheers x

Jane's present from Sarah x

Happy New Year to everyone and I hope you all had a good one. We had a lovely Christmas Day which started with discovering what santa had left us, then my sister and her partner came over as I had asked them over for breakfast, unfortunately as I was cutting into the rolls I also cut into the top of my finger which meant that they ended up cooking their own breakfast and ours of coarse!!!!

Next on the agenda was going to pick up our Dad who now lives in a care home, he was so excited in coming to visit us as he had not seen our new houses in Darvel. We spent the day at Jane's and she cooked(once again!) a lovely dinner. Later on in the evening when we took Dad back we popped in to see our good friends Carol Anne and Les to wish them a Merry Christmas, then back to the pondarosa for a few drinks (which I was looking forward to all day as I was driving). So a good day for everyone and once again I ended up getting away with not doing any cooking(hee hee)