Sunday, 19 July 2009

Ruby showing her support!!!

Does my bum look big in this!!!!!

Robbie and Sarah recently went down to Birmingham for a family wedding and had a super time, although I think the pull for Robbie was the reception being held at the grounds where his beloved team of Aston Villa play (sorry Claire!). He was in his element and the day after of coarse he had to visit the shop, (as you do!!) and what did he come back with amongst other things...............oooooooooooh dear poor Ruby

Wednesday, 20 May 2009

Farewell to Dad (young Jim)

Unfortunately Dad passed away recently and has left a big hole in our lives. He lived in the Claremont Care Home for the last few years where we visited him every week, he settled in surprisingly easy just taking things in his stride which is what Dad tended to do. Christmas Day we managed to take him out and he spent the day with us in our new homes, he had a great time it will always be a good memory for us. We miss him so much but he is now with his beloved Audrey who passed away 10 years ago. God Bless Mum and Dad and thankyou for everything xxxxxxxxxx

Wednesday, 22 April 2009

A couple of weekends ago a group of us went to a murder mystery evening, what a laugh we had the picture in the middle has one of the actors in it called "Sir Roses of the Liver"if you have the chance to go to one of these evenings you should go.

The murder of Wee Jeanie McCall!!

Below is our new addition to the house which is being well used by everyone now the better weather is upon us

Thursday, 26 March 2009

Homeward bound

Out walking the dogs one evening around dusk. Looks like Darvel is on fire.

This pair did'nt make it to Cruft's but I thought they deserved a wee mention. This is Dudley and Rosie (best buddies). They are Carol Anne's dogs who we go out walking with every week. But Dudley's sister did make it to Crufts.

I hope you have enjoyed sharing my experience at Crufts we certainly had a great time, one thing though.......if you are going please do not book through "Loves Travels" sorry Les box of tissues on its way!!!!!!!

How cute is this Wired Haired Viszla another breed I really like

I do like the Pointers, Maybe one day

Well it just had to be done!!!!

Wow this I liked a Party Poodle

What do you think of this one a standard Mexican Hairless, an aquired taste me thinks although Carol Anne fell in love with her

The rest of our time seem to go without any other faux pas and we had a great time, and got on very well. here are a few photos taken, this one being the oddest, this stand was at the discover dogs and it was promoting the native breeds to britain.

Day 2 at Crufts

Well we survived our first day even though there were minor hiccups!!!.

Next day after a lovely breakfast given to us by Jill our host at the B&B we endevoured to order a taxi to take us back up to NEC, and low and behold if it was'nt the same driver as yesterday, so we had to take a photo. The journey takes about 10 to 15 mins depending on traffic, we were just about to get dropped off at the front of the NEC when I asked Carol Anne if she had the tickets ready, so we could just walk straight in, only to be looked at with a big blank stare, (oh no here we go again!). By this time the taxi man had turned around and we were on our way back to the B&B to pick up the tickets, what a nice man we were getting to know him quite well as we seemed to be spending quite alot of time in TAXI'S.

Monday, 16 March 2009

Crufts 2009

Well it was that time of year again when the mass migration of dogs and owners make ther way to the NEC at Birmingham for "The greatest dog show in the world" ( that was what the commentator kept saying in the arena).

This year I went with my good friend Carol Anne, who, like me does'nt show anymore but just enjoys the time spent there. We decided to be gluttons and attend all 4 days arranged by

"Love's Travels" (who is actually Carol Annes husband!!)

Day one....Thurs 5th March .....armed with all our carefully calculated money bags for B&B,taxi's,food etc we headed out to Glasgow airport to fly down to Birmingham.Booked in and headed to the departure lounge, going through security Carol Anne was stopped and had the full once over,having recovered from that she then informed us we had better get a move on as they will be calling us over the tannoy soon, so as we frog marched to what seemed like the other side of scotland we arrived at our gate and as not alot of people were there I then checked the time only to see we had another HOUR.(hmmm)

Flight was very quick just under an hour, we then headed over to the taxi office to book our taxi to the B&B, the idea being, to drop off our suitcase and proceed to the NEC, which carol anne had already informed me that it would probably be about £10 as she had already done the same journey last year.

Nice man at the taxi office, gave him the address he then quoted us £77 WHAT says us, the look on our faces must have taken him aback as he then asked us if we knew we were actually in East Midlands Airport which we found out is more Nottingham than Birmingham. (!$.:*)

Thursday, 12 March 2009

I have been very "BLOG" lazy this year as I have been busy in other projects but I have made a promise to myself that I must make more effort. One thing that has been taking up my time is going to college and trying to learn about digital photography which is finished now, it was just a short course (an introduction), did I learn anything? thats the sixty million dollar question, I think it will take a long time yet, and alot more practice.

Anyway here is a first attempt of Milo looking dreamy!!!!

Wednesday, 7 January 2009

Cruinn, a special girl

Unfortunately in between Christmas and New year, Carol Anne, who I go out walking with lost Cruinn to liver cancer.
This photo was taken on a day trip to Arran. Cruinn is on the left of the photo beside Carol Anne who is kneeling down

Every Sunday morning we meander around Eglington Park for about 2-3 hours with all our "hounds" usually about six of them depending on who is visiting at the time. Cruinn is on the left of this picture and Dudley on the right and Shadow in the background and I dont mean mine!
We had some good walks and she will be sorely missed x

Two grumpy old men!!

This is the life, believe it or not they were watching Garfield the movie which is why I grabbed the camera.

I wish she had never bought that $~#@@& camera

Hectors litter tray is in our bathroom as he is too lazy to go out I don't think he is too pleased I caught him in the act!!!

Little and Large!!

Robbie and David enjoying an after Christmas dinner slob out

Sarah and her Papa

Dad having a good time

Looking at this picture I now think we should have put something in Dad's new glass. Still he had a wee one later on. Cheers x

Jane's present from Sarah x

Happy New Year to everyone and I hope you all had a good one. We had a lovely Christmas Day which started with discovering what santa had left us, then my sister and her partner came over as I had asked them over for breakfast, unfortunately as I was cutting into the rolls I also cut into the top of my finger which meant that they ended up cooking their own breakfast and ours of coarse!!!!

Next on the agenda was going to pick up our Dad who now lives in a care home, he was so excited in coming to visit us as he had not seen our new houses in Darvel. We spent the day at Jane's and she cooked(once again!) a lovely dinner. Later on in the evening when we took Dad back we popped in to see our good friends Carol Anne and Les to wish them a Merry Christmas, then back to the pondarosa for a few drinks (which I was looking forward to all day as I was driving). So a good day for everyone and once again I ended up getting away with not doing any cooking(hee hee)

Sunday, 21 December 2008

Ruby and Merris, one minute its all cuddles then minutes later its all play, what a great life!

Les, carol annes better half, very dapper in his red waistcoat, lookin good Les

Jane and Carol Anne strutting their stuff round the dance floor, well done

you two.

Jane and her partner David who I might add did not do any dancing tut tut maybe next year he will try the "strictly"!!

They were'nt all mine honest!!!

Carol Anne and Jackie caught checking out the talent!!!!!

Xmas night out

We recently went for our xmas night out and went to The Racecourse for one of their party nights, there were about 15 of us and what a great night we had. The meal was terrific and also the entertainment. We managed to indulge ourselves at the chocolate fountain!! then had a go at the roulette tables where I won a meal for two, and of course we had to try out the cocktail bar but as I did not have my glasses on(not cool to wear on a night out) I had'nt got a clue what I was drinking except it was very nice this is a photo of my sister and I, Jane is on the right.

dog tired!!

Merry Crimbo from milo

Thursday, 13 November 2008

Merris is actually my sisters dog but she comes over quite often for "Doggy Day Care" when Jane is working. She is a super dog, having never been in contact with Pugs before I would highly reccommend them, such characters

She does'nt like her photo being taken, shame because she is such a pretty wee dog

Ruby is our other Frenchie quite a timid dog who has a tendancy to scream when she meets another dog(we are working on that one). We tried her in the show ring but very short lived as her body would not stop growing and ended up too long, she is very sweet though.